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Knife Blade Inserts

Speco built its business on removable knife blade inserts, an innovation we patented in 1924. We have continued to perfect meat and food cutting ever since. Our fine line of blade inserts includes:

Weiler Style Inserts

Speco can fulfill your needs for Weiler style inserts, with ample inventory stock for quick response. Speco's replacement blade inserts are precision ground for clean cutting at every start up. Designed to wear in a new cutting edge continuously. Speco inserts will help your Weiler grinder be more productive than ever before.

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Weiler Type Grinder Inserts

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Assorted Blade Inserts

Assorted Blade Inserts

All Speco blade inserts are manufactured to the highest standards. From ultra thin inserts for exact product definition on finish grind to thick heavy duty inserts for hard break operations. All insert blades are properly tempered for the application and precisely ground for a constant cool cut, and high output action, from start to finish.

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Standard Style Emulsifier Blade Inserts

Standard Emulsifier Blade Inserts for KS, Mincemaster, Anco, Wolfking and Cozzini Style machines.

Precision made to assure a perfect and consistent emulsion, as well as double disk ground to assure proper mating with a knife holder. A high precision blade insert for your emulsion needs.

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Free-Floating Emulsifier Blade Inserts

Free-Floating Emulsifier Blade Inserts for KS, Mincemaster, Anco and Cozzini Style machines.

Free-floating emulsifier blade inserts do not require pre-grinding.

Upon insertion into the knife holder, the free-floating emulsifier blades have a unique arbor system allowing the knife to self level and seek their own accurate cutting position. Blade inserts also boxed with screws.

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