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Weiler 8" BCA

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Centering Pins

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Centering PinsAdd to Quote Cart
OEM #DescriptionSpeco #
109-19811981 Centering Pin103591


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KnivesAdd to Quote Cart
OEM #DescriptionSpeco #
108-24492449 Speco 3-Arm BC Knife102742
108-24472447 Speco 4-Arm BC Knife102247


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BladesAdd to Quote Cart
OEM #DescriptionSpeco #
108-24482448W 2-7/8" Insert Blades (Box of 50)105943


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PlatesAdd to Quote Cart
OEM #DescriptionSpeco #
105-10856038W Premium BC 1/16" Holes105834
105-10866038W Premium BC 5/64" Holes102762
105-10876038W Premium BC 3/32" Holes106629
105-10886038W Premium BC 7/64" Holes102620
105-10896038W Premium BC 1/8" Holes105787
105-10906038W Premium BC 9/64" Holes102347
105-10916038W Premium BC 5/32" Holes107213
105-10926038W Premium BC 3/16" Holes102836
105-10946038W Premium BC 1/4" Holes103203
105-06046038W Premium BC 5/16" Holes108524
105-11206038W Premium BC 3/8" Holes106370
105-11606038W Premium BC 1/2" Holes106349
105-10986038W Premium BC 1" Holes110292

Reduced Thickness Plates

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Reduced Thickness PlatesAdd to Quote Cart
OEM #DescriptionSpeco #
105-10756046W Premium BC 1/16" Holes105146
105-10766046W Premium BC 5/64" Holes105333
105-10776046W Premium BC 3/32" Holes106476
105-10786046W Premium BC 7/64" Holes104813
105-10796046W Premium BC 1/8" Holes105114
105-10806046W Premium BC 9/64" Holes106523
105-10816046W Premium BC 5/32" Holes104903
105-10826046W Premium BC 3/16" Holes104219
105-10846046W Premium BC 1/4" Holes105712


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BushingsAdd to Quote Cart
OEM #DescriptionSpeco #
102-24432443 Bushing104402
102-06090609 Bushing107591