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Weiler 8" Complete

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Tension Spring

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Tension SpringAdd to Quote Cart
OEM #DescriptionSpeco #
109-1110Tension Spring106501
109-1111Tension Spring104944

Centering Pins

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Centering PinsAdd to Quote Cart
OEM #DescriptionSpeco #
109-1106Broached Pin104111
109-1981Centering Pin103591


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KnivesAdd to Quote Cart
OEM #DescriptionSpeco #Insert Blade
10815112-Arm Knife103960108-1458
10815153-Arm Knife105569108-1458
10806164-Arm Knife105024108-1458
108-00053-Arm Knife (Inner)N/A108-1458
108-00044-Arm Knife (Inner)N/A108-1458
108-11782-Arm Knife Solid106036N/A
108-29924-Arm Knife (Inner)104624108-1967
108-24493-Arm Knife102742108-2448
108-24474-Arm Knife102247108-2448
108-29924-Arm Knife104624109-1967
108-00224-Arm Knife CBCAN/A108-2448


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BladesAdd to Quote Cart
OEM #DescriptionSpeco #
108-1458 1458W 2-5/8" Long Blade106415
108-1967 1967W 2-3/16 Long Blade104360
108-24482448W BC 2-7/8" Long Blade105943

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Plates - TC 2" Threaded I.D.Add to Quote Cart
OEM #DescriptionSpeco #
105-10226083W Premium 1/16" Holes104571
105-00606083W Premium 5/64" Holes104330
105-10006083W Premium 3/32" Holes105796
105-10016083W Premium 7/64" Holes104393
105-10026083W Premium 1/8" Holes104866
105-10046083W Premium 5/32" Holes102005
105-10056083W Premium 3/16" Holes105007
105-10066083W Premium 7/32" Holes105791
105-10076083W Premium 1/4" Holes102463
105-10086083W Premium 5/16" Holes104599
105-10096083W Premium 3/8" Holes102057
105-10106083W Premium 7/16" Holes105890
105-10116083W Premium 1/2" Holes102979
105-10126083W Premium 5/8" Holes104854
105-10136083W Premium 3/4" Holes103324
105-10146083W Premium 7/8" Holes102132
105-10156083W Premium 1" Holes102884
105-10166083W Premium 1-1/4" Holes106743
105-10176083W Premium 1-1/2" Holes102507
105-10186083W Premium 2" Holes103993
105-10216083W Premium 3 Hole TD104256
105-11466083W Premium 6 Hole TD104983

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Plates - FSB 2-1/8" Keyed I.D.Add to Quote Cart
OEM #DescriptionSpeco #
105-10696084W Premium 1/16" Holes106390
105-10676084W Premium 5/64" Holes103271
105-10466084W Premium 3/32" Holes104337
105-10476084W Premium 7/64" Holes105840
105-10486084W Premium 1/8" Holes104188
105-10496084W Premium 9/64" Holes104538
105-10506084W Premium 5/32" Holes105225
105-10516084W Premium 3/16" Holes103915
105-10686084W Premium 7/32" Holes106169
105-10526084W Premium 1/4" Holes105785
105-10536084W Premium 5/16" Holes102466
105-10546084W Premium 3/8" Holes105797
105-10556084W Premium 1/2" Holes106739
105-10566084W Premium 5/8" Holes105968
105-10576084W Premium 3/4" Holes104105
105-06006084W Premium 7/8" Holes108296
105-10586084W Premium 1" Holes105536
105-10596084W Premium 1-1/4" Holes102194
105-10606084W Premium 1-1/2" Holes106023
105-10616084W Premium 2" Holes104450
105-10636084W Premium 3 Hole TD107290
105-10656084W Premium 6 Hole TD109125


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BushingsAdd to Quote Cart
OEM #DescriptionSpeco #
102-1072Bushing, TC, 1-1/4" Bore105218
102-1101Bushing, TC, 1-1/2" Bore104320
102-1456Bushing, FSB, 1-1/2" Bore106594
102-2443Bushing, FSB, 1-1/2" Bore104402
102-0604Bushing, FSB, Inner107573
102-0609Bushing, FSB, Outer107591
102-3000Bushing, InnerN/A
102-3001Bushing, TC, 1-1/2" BoreN/A

Retaining Rings

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Retaining RingsAdd to Quote Cart
OEM #DescriptionSpeco #
101-0786101-0786 Singe-Bridged, Ext, T, FSB110734
101-1549101-1549 Singe-Bridged Ext, T, FSB103469
101-1574101-1574 Non-Bridged T104183
101-1574SS101-1574 Non-Bridged SS108150
101-1575101-1575 Non-Bridged, Inner, T105309
101-1576101-1576 Single-Bridged, T, TC106427
101-1578101-1578 Non-Bridged, Outer, T103922
101-2168101-2168 Single-Bridged, Inner, T, FSB102106
101-2445101-2445 Single-Bridged, Ext, FSB109716