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Wolfking 140mm

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KnivesAdd to Quote Cart
OEM #DescriptionSpeco #
32049140mm WK Double Cut Solid 6-Arm Knife109954

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BladesAdd to Quote Cart
OEM #DescriptionSpeco #
302797140mm WK Fixed Blade111480

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PlatesAdd to Quote Cart
OEM #DescriptionSpeco #
N/A140mm WK Triumph 3.2mm Holes103530
32690140mm WK TRIUPH 5.0mm Holes110328
32693140mm WK Triumph 10.0 Holes110198
32694140mm WK Triumph 13.0 Holes103588
32754140mm WK Triumph 7 HOLE106168
33697140mm WK Triumph 3 Hole Fixed103034
32052140mm WK Triumph 7 Hole Fixed110083