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Wolfking CFD

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OEM #DescriptionSpeco #
37247CFD Housing w/ ClampNULL
316634mm SpacerNULL
316622mm SpacerNULL
316611mm SpacerNULL
37677Pressure RingNULL
30168250mm WK CFD Pre-Cut Knife 4-Arm102526
30143250mm WK Triumph 10 Hole CFD112472
30381Suction Gate Bushing111579
30355Suction Gate111872
30380Suction Gate Bearing111582
30673Drive Hub Bushing111585
30569Rear HubNULL
30622Thrust CollarNULL
22342Thrust Collar ScrewsNULL
38546Pallets (2/Set)112111
38547Front Pallet111735
38548Rear Pallet111738
41494Pallet Inserts (Sets of 4)109345
3285016m Pump Housing112880
30672Front Hub Bushing111637
30568Front HubNULL
30227CFD Worm Pin107292
30354Pressure Gate111871
30379Pressure Gate Bushing111640
30142250mm WK Triumph Pressure Symmetric105318