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Yieldmaster 318-2A

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AugersAdd to Quote Cart
OEM #DescriptionSpeco #
N/ACompression Auger KP 318-2A106041
N/AFeed Auger KP 318-2A103701
N/AAuger Shaft KP 318-2A106602


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ScreensAdd to Quote Cart
OEM #DescriptionSpeco #
N/AKP 318-2A .8mm Hole Screen105254
N/AKP 318-2A 1.6mm Hole Screen102462
N/AKP 318-2A .4mm Hole Screen102284
N/AKP 318-2A .5mm Hole Screen105672
N/AKP 318-2A .65mm Screen107493

Compression Rings

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Compression RingsAdd to Quote Cart
OEM #DescriptionSpeco #
N/ACompression Ring 318-2A104072

Feed Cans

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Feed CansAdd to Quote Cart
OEM #DescriptionSpeco #
N/AFeed Can Assembly Inlet KP 318-2A106860