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Beehive AU


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OEM #DescriptionSpeco #
N/A AUL-S 4"Parallel Screen .031 Hole103913
090-29-9 90-29-9 AUL-S Ring Valve110729
N/A BH AU6173 WL Auger 1-1/2 Shaft102929
083-61-1 Auger AU6173 WL 83-61-1110728
N/A BH AUEX Auger/Cer-Brg. 1-1/2 P1102030
N/A Modified AU STYLE Ring Valve104426
090-30-2 90-30-2 AU-EX Ring Valve103566
081-25-0 AUL-S 4" Parallel Auger110632
090-00-9 90-00-9 AU Choke Valve Ring103556
090-13-6 90-13-6 AU Choke Valve Ring110697