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Frequently Asked Questions

Look for answers below to some common questions regarding your food processing equipment.

Q: How often should I re-sharpen my plates and knives?

A: Unfortunately there is no "golden rule" for how frequently your plates and knives should be resharpened. The best indicator for when to swap them out is to watch your product. When you notice that your product has lost its great product definition and consistency, it is time for resharpening.

Q: When should I replace my Insert Blades?

A: Inserts should be replaced and disposed of when the beveled edge of the blade has been worn away.

Q: When should I replace my Knife Holder?

A: A knife holder should be retired when there is substantial wear shown from the stud pin and/or when the knife fits loosely on the pin itself. In addition, ALL knives should be replaced when there are signs of cracking or fracturing.

Q: When should I replace my Centering Pin?

A: Centering pins should be replaced when there is a noticeable ridge on the shaft. This ridge is created from the wearing of the knife and/or plate.

Q: Should I keep my plate and knife together as a set?

A: It is of the utmost importance to utilize grinder plates and knives as a set. Over time the plate and knife will each wear away from being completely level. Running together, they will have no problem. If, however, a used plate is matched with a new knife, for example, the set will not produce a quality product and more than likely damage the grinder.

Q: How should I store my plates and knives when I am not using them?

A: There are two options for proper storage of your plates and knives. The first recommendation is to properly lubricate both your plate and knife with food grade grease. This lubrication will keep both items from spotting and/or staining. The second recommendation is to thoroughly dry your plates and knives after they have been washed. Leaving either component with even a single drop of water will lead to oxidation and create a spot on the product.

Q: Can I resharpen my blade?

A: Most Speco Triumph blades can be resharpened at least once. Please contact Speco for proper resharpening procedures.

Q: Other than plates, knives and blades, should I be replacing anything else frequently?

A: Yes! Standard operating procedures call for all replacement parts to be inspected and replaced frequently. For example, tension springs lose buoyancy, bushings become worn, and retaining rings become damaged. All of these items should be continuously examined and replaced.