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Meat Grinder/Mincer Plates

Grinder/Mincer Plates

Speco produces the finest grinder plates in the world. With over 80 years of research and experimentation, matched with modern world class manufacturing techniques, Speco can provide you with a plate that will stand up under the toughest operating conditions. Through the use of computer aided design and machinery, Speco can place each drilled hole precisely in line, providing total coverage across the plate without weak pressure points, which can occur when holes are drilled too closely together. With our custom designed computerized drilling, Speco places the maximum number of holes for higher production and cooler cutting. Speco also removes all broken drill bits from the plate, which in time can ruin grinder knives and let loose into your product. After drilling, all plates go through a scientific heat-treated strengthening process making them the most durable and dependable plates on the market today. With 100% inspection before packaging, no manufacturer backs its plates with the confidence Speco does. Speco has the facilities to match or create any plate required. If the plate you need is not listed, please call for price and production information. When you want the finest plate for your application use Speco plates.

Triumph Grinder/Mincer Plates

Triumph grinder plates are the finest in the world. The base material is a high alloy steel, consisting of high chromium and high carbon content. The chromium content gives you stainless steel qualities, while the high carbon content gives you exceptional wear resistance qualities. This plate is hardened throughout, which means it will give you a consistent hard surface throughout its lifetime.

Not recommended for frozen or hard products in large plate diameter machines (over 8-5/8 inches or 219 millimeters).

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Premium Grinder/Mincer Plates

Premium grade plates are also a high alloy steel. However it has more shock resistant elements in it. The harder the material the more brittle it becomes. Premium material is ideal for larger diameter plates because they tend to flex more and this material won't crack as easily. Premium is also hardened throughout for consistent performance throughout its lifetime.

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Superior/Standard Grinder/Mincer Plates

Superior grade plates are a durable alloy steel. The plates are case hardened, which means the cutting hole edge is hard throughout, while the rest of the material stays a bit softer for flexibility. In certain applications this is ideal, like when break grinding frozen blocks or bone breaking in large diameter machines. This plate provides exceptional user value in plants with lower volumes, or erratic production scheduling. So if you're looking for an economical and durable plate, ask for Superior.

Not available in 6" (133 millimeter) diameter and smaller.

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Triumph "E" Emulsifiers

Triumph "E" is a high alloy steel, that is heat treated throughout. Emulsifiers run at such high (rpm) speeds, running dry for only a few moments can cause cracking in the plate. These plates contain traces of graphite, which allow this material to be the best at crack prevention.

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Superior "E" Emulsifiers

Superior "E" is also a high alloy steel that is heat treated throughout. If you are not having cracking problems while running emulsifiers, we highly recommend Superior "E" grade. They are economical with excellent wearability.

Customized materials available for different applications

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