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Grinding/Mincing Pointers

The meat grinder is a critical point of any operation. Your product is either cut correctly or ruined! The best word of advice is to watch your cutting tools and machine. A few small preventive measures can give you consistent quality and production, day in and day out. If your product doesn't flow freely from the head, looks pale, rolls back in the entrance hopper, or the temperature is increasing, call Speco!

We can help you obtain the highest quality, best product definition, and greatest production rates, with the lowest temperatures. Guaranteed!




Important! Use Knife and Plate Together

Always use the same knife and plate together. If one has gradually worn away from perfect level, the other will have worn with it. As a result, they may still be used together. If, however, one is matched with a different member which is ground true, the set will certainly not turn out a good product. In addition, such practice will probably break the new member, as indicated in drawing.