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Sharpening & Reconditioning Services

Two men cut wood all day long. One worked straight through, without stopping to rest. At the end of the day, he had a sizable pile of logs. The other would chop for 50 minutes and then took a ten-minute break. At the end of the day, he had a much larger pile. "How could you chop more?" asked the man who'd worked continuously. His friend replied, "When I stopped for rest, I also sharpened my ax." Quoted by Thomas B. Welch, Jr.

Skinner Roller Resharpening

Skinner Roller Resharpening

Skinner rollers can be resharpened. The roller teeth are recut to their original angle and sharpness to prolong the life of roller, without replacement. End shafts can also be inspected and rebuilt. Please contact us and save money.

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Remanufactured Deboning and Desinewing Components

Mechanical Deboning Equipment Rebuilt

When you send a mechanical deboning head into Speco it is 100% inspected. No work is done until the customer is quoted and approves the needed repairs. All heat fractures and small cracks are completely routed out and filled with wear resistant welding materials. Mating component parts are then precision ground for exact tolerance and proper fit. All auger root and flight profiles are remachined for consistent high yield and top performance.

We would like to prove our ability to you. Please try us for your next reconditioned parts!

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Grinder/Mincer and Emulsifier Plate Resharpening

Resharpening of Grinder/Mincer Plates, Emulsifiers.

For constant high production and cool cutting you can't resharpen enough.

All plates are completely inspected for defects, cracks, proper safety thickness, thoroughly cleaned, and precision ground with coolant to guarantee perfect cool cutting performance.

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